Privacy Statement

In what follows, 'us' means Ferret Information Systems Ltd., the company and its staff. The company is incorporated in a member state of the European Union and is bound by EU law relating to individual privacy and related matters – in particular the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1998.

Deliberately, Web Benefits does not ask for any information about who you are – things like names, addresses or other identifiers. Instead it asks only the minimum set of questions about your general circumstances – just enough to establish which Social Security benefits or Tax Credits you may be entitled to.

None of the information you supply is retained by us, or by a third party. When you finish using Web Benefits, the details you have entered are not saved anywhere and there is no mechanism for us – or anyone else – to retrieve them from the running program.

When you start Web Benefits, your Browser may ask you to confirm the creation of a cookie. This is a session cookie which means it is deleted automatically when you quit the Browser. It contains only a random sequence of characters, used to distinguish you from other users. Web Benefits will not work without this session cookie.

You have the option of requesting help by sending an email to us. If you opt to do this, your email address will be used only for the purpose of replying to your request. It will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be disclosed to third parties.

You have the option of downloading and saving on your computer a case file, for your own purposes. Nothing is retained on the server if you do this, and you will have the only copy of that file.

When you quit your Browser, information you have entered in response to Web Benefits is not retained in the history list of your Browser. This means that it is not possible for an other person to review your answers by re-starting your Browser. While it is running, Web Benefits also disables the auto-completion feature of Internet Explorer, so the answers you type are not remembered by it.

If you have any concerns over privacy and related matters that are not covered by the above, or you wish further information, please contact:

  Gareth Morgan
  Ferret Information Systems
  4 Coopers Yard
  Curran Road
  Cardiff   CF10 5NB 
  (+44) 029 2064 4660