Entry help

Help on questions asked

Click on the Help mark that is adjacent to a question for help information that is specific to that question. The help will appear in a separate Web Browser window, or tab. That can be left open if desired – click somewhere on the main window to return to the current entry screen.

In some Web Browsers, keying F1 will display help for the current question. Failing that, use the Tab key to move over the question mark and key Enter.


The Tab key moves from one question to the next on the screen.

Use the Proceed button to move to the next screen, when you have completed the current one. In most Web Browsers Alt+Z is a keyboard shortcut for this button (in Firefox use Shift+Alt+Z, in Apple browsers Ctrl+Opt+Z).

The progress bar gives a visual indication of your progress. Initially it looks like:

and it 'grows' toward the right edge of the window as you proceed.

You can use the Back and Forward buttons on your Web Browser to move around the entry screens you have completed. In this way you can review entries made so far.

If you need to go back to correct a mistake in an entry, it is often better to wait until the amendment screen (with heading Input complete) is displayed, then correct the entry from there. This is faster than backtracking many screens.

If you do go back and change an entry you may then be asked different questions (as a result of the change) when you proceed from the amended screen, or subsequently.

The following features require JavaScript, and this appears to be not supported by your Browser. Or it may be supported, but is not enabled. In any event you should ignore the following - which will not work.

Entering annual or monthly amounts

When entering monetary amounts, that are marked 'a week', you can add an a or m character at the end of the figure entered and it will be converted from an annual or monthly amount to a weekly figure.

Example: typing 13400a will result in 257.69 (the equivalent per week) when the cursor moves off the entry box.

You can also use a f character in the same way for amounts that are received four-weekly or thirteen times a year.

Entering hours and minutes

Hours and minutes can be entered in the form HH:MM with a colon separating the minutes from the hours. When the cursor moves off the entry box this is converted to a decimal number of hours.

Examples: typing 17:5 will input a duration of 17 hours 5 minutes. Similarly, 32:40 indicates 32 hours and 40 minutes. Just 21 (without the colon) means that number of hours precisely.